Young Fools



actual plot twist: supernatural season 10 is now the folgers commercial


I’m sorry.

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Imagine your icon trying to flip pancakes and getting one stuck on the ceiling.

my icon is Dean; he looks up to find the pancake cooking on the ceiling because the ceiling is already on fire hahaahah


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This is why they left him in Hell

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No matter your opinion on shipping Destiel, it’s absolutely canon that Dean cares so deeply about Castiel that it can fairly be called love. That he trusts him implicitly, even when there is reason not to. That he is willing to give Cas more chances than anyone except his…

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"I really give Misha, who plays Castiel, a lot of credit. What a pleasure this guy has been both to work with and what he brings to the show. He just came in for the audition for the angel and was so complicated, and brought this innocence to the role, and all of this different dimension. We just knew he was lightning in a bottle, and sure enough the fans have really responded to him in a way they’ve responded to no other guest star on the show. We ended up snatching him up—he’s gonna be a regular. We just knew what we had in our hands, and he’s just been such a gentleman and a pleasure to work with." - ERIC KRIPKE

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Last night I was watching tv with my mom and there was dumb straight bullshit going on and I was like “I don’t understand straight relationships” and my mom just turns and the moonlight shines on her face and she’s actually a skeleton, I’m actually surrounded by skeleton pirates, and she leans in and says “best start believing in straight relationships miss turner, you’re in one!” Then she drank wine and it went trhough her ribs

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49/?? of Jensen at cons ♥˞(∀`●)
49/?? of Jensen at cons ♥˞(∀`●)
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For sheppi More of my art here!


For sheppi 
More of my art here!

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